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“The more I experience BodyTalk, the more I see it as foundational to good health:  Eat right, get lots of sleep, exercise, and have BodyTalk!”  MS, Colorado

“My BodyTalk sessions each ended with the feeling that I’d been to my own private spa.  I felt a new sense of optimism after my Body Talk sessions which I hadn’t felt in years.”  SD, New York

“BodyTalk with Susan has literally changed my life. I have been dealing with a digestive disorderinvolving candidiasis and multiple food allergies for the past 13 years. My diet was limited to the most basic of foods and still I was running on empty with very little energy to do much besides work, eat and sleep. I have tried most every treatment imaginable, including work with nutritionists, herbologists, acupuncturist, MD's, an iridologist, craniosacral therapists and more, and still I was dragging through my days.

Within 2 hours after my third session with Susan, I felt a boost in my energy that has gone unchanged now for 5 weeks.  I have more energy now than I have had for the past decade and I feel like my life is starting anew. Meanwhile, the debilitating blood sugar crashes I had been experiencing with the fatigue have all but disappeared. I feel I am digesting food properly at very long last and my diet is expanding daily. I am forever grateful for BodyTalk and the tremendous impact it is having on my life.  Thank you, Susan!” WR, Colorado
"Susan's ability to sort issues for me by listening to my body and opening blockages has helped me with health problems as diverse as sleeplessness and digestive concerns. I am really happy that I can utilize an alternative to doctor's visits and synthetic medications."  MK, Australia


“Susan has led me through two successful surgeries with a positive attitude and the use of BodyTalk.  She is an invaluable source of total body healing.” KS, Colorado

“I recommend Susan's services.  I saw her just prior to surgery and I believe her work was very helpful to me.  It reduced any anxiety I had about the surgery significantly.  The surgeon also told me that I had an unusually fast recovery.”  KE Colorado

“Susan had been my massage therapist for years.  When I was facing a serious major surgery, she suggested I try BodyTalk to help my body prepare for surgery better and heal faster.  Much to my surprise, my surgery took less time than expected and was less drastic than expected.  I am now a believer in BodyTalk and recommend it to anyone facing surgery.” HM, Colorado


“I am a 4th grade teacher and I had Susan come in to do some BodyTalk and BrainGym exercises with my students before a state standardized test.  She gave them tools for performance optimization, and stress reduction.  I was so excited to see students using many of the techniques that Susan helped put in their "tool box" for the test.  The cortices technique was especially valuable.  I'd see students get stuck on a problem, use the cortices technique, and have the light bulb turn on!  I highly recommend Susan's services for students that are getting ready for an important test, or are needing a little bit of stress reduction!” ME Colorado

“In preparation for my clinical exam I had taken workshops, practice tests and reread all my study notes. I truly feel that the BodyTalk session I had before the exam made all my preparation more useful to me. During the exam I felt clear headed, focused, and "in the flow" rather than overwhelmed and anxious.  I actually laughed when I pushed the button and the "You passed" screen came on because I felt so relaxed and amazed the time had passed so quickly.  Based on my experience I 
would recommend BodyTalk sessions for anyone who is seeking help in lowering anxiety and increasing the likelihood of a positive performance when facing exams that require the ability to concentrate for an extended period of time. Thank you for this opportunity to recommend BodyTalk!” FL, California


“I  wanted  to  let you  know  that  my  son  has had  noticeable  success  from tapping out the cortices.  Last Sunday, I had forgotten to tap him before he did his  homework.  My husband worked  with  him on and off for 2+ hours (with lots of breaks & meals)  trying to  get him to finish his work.  But my son was at a brick wall.  So my husband asked if I would tap him.  I tapped out cortices on my son and he finished the  remaining 1/3 of his writing in 5 minutes!   We were astonished!

On another day,  my  son  had  a  hard  day  at school.  He was very upset (for multiple reasons),   and  was  in  the  nurse's  office—wanted  to come home.  I went up there, tapped out his cortices, got him a popsicle (that he had wanted) and he joined PE class relatively easily.  Whew!” RK Colorado



"I've had many massages in my life from many different people.  Susan has the ability to tune into exactly what I need and deliver it every time.  I always feel relaxed and restored when I leave." BL, Colorado


"I love the complimentary sauna before the massage because it helps me relax and then the massage can go deeper.  Susan has treated me for many aches and pains and they are always better when I get off the table." SC, Colorado


"I get tension headaches that are about an 8 on the pain scale.  After Susan works on me, those headaches resolve down to a 2 or 3 in just a short time." MS, Colorado





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