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Bring Joy and Peace to your Life with Energy Balancing

​ and Therapeutic Massage

Experience healing modalities to help keep the body/mind/spirit
open and balanced.

Pure Bioenergy Therapy
Massage Therapy
Animal Therapy

Recalibrate and restore life balance.

Why Peace Lily Healing?

Do you want clarity around physical, emotional, spiritual issues?

Are you struggling with pain, anxiety, depression, lack of focus?

Are you suffering from persistent chronic conditions?

Is your immune system over or under functioning?

Are you facing surgery or a cancer diagnosis?

Are you looking for a way to feel better?

These are some of the issues that clients have brought to Peace Lily Healing to seek relief.  Susan McCoy McVicker, your practitioner, has over 25 years' experience in the healing arts.  She believes that all healing is self healing and when the physical and energy systems of the body are in harmony and balance, you will feel better naturally and enjoy life more.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to see if Peace Lily Healing is right for you.

Disclaimer:  Peace Lily Healing does not diagnose, prescribe or claim to heal conditions.  Services provided are not a replacement for seeking medical care from a qualified health care practitioner: MD, PsyD, PT, OT and others.

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